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Salford’s multi-agency family support services for babies and children with hearing loss

Now that you know your child has a hearing loss you may have lots of questions or be unsure of what happens next. Click here to view the agencies that are available to support your family, if appropriate (opens in new window). You may have met some of them. Please contact them if you’d like to talk or want further information about their service now or in the future.


Parent partnership officer
The main aim of the parent partnership service is to ensure that effective partnerships exist between parents/carers/carers of children with identified special educational or additional needs, schools, governing bodies, the Local Authority, education inclusion service, education psychology service, education welfare service, health authority,  social services and voluntary agencies.

Parent partnership officers seek to involve parents/carers as partners in the school-based stages, statutory assessment and statementing process to increase parental understanding for the process, and to deal with issues important to them in a user friendly manner. For more information click here (opens in new window) or telephone 0161 778 0343/0349 for further advice/support.


Whistling hearing aids

If you want to know how you can deal with whistling hearing aids watch this youtube clip made by NDCS:

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