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Improving Speech Through Singing                                                                 Kiki & Andrea

Kiki & Andrea                                                                

Our story                                                                


My daughter, Kiki was diagnosed quite late with a hearing impairment and immediately she was offered a place with a Speech Therapist through the NHS. Naively I assumed she would continue to receive the support until her voice gained clarity but I soon found out that was not the case when we were told her sessions had come to an end and it was unlikely they would be renewed. As a mother and wanting the best for my daughter I tried several routes including asking for a second opinion (which resulted in the same decision) and then private therapy. Unfortunately Kiki made little progress and said she felt like she had to do "extra work because she is deaf".

Going in to High School is a big deal for any child but going in to High School with a Speech impairment is an even bigger deal. I wanted to help my daughter but just didn't know what more I could do until Kiki expressed an interest in Drama and Singing. The answer was staring us right in the face:

Improving Speech through Singing

We searched and searched for singing teachers / vocal coaches and tried several until eventually we came across The Dynamo that is Andea Hatton. On meeting it was clear Kiki would feel at ease with her and there was no messing :-). Andrea explained  that she was not a speech therapist but sitting through some of the sessions I was amazed at the methods that Andrea used to try to help Kiki produce the sounds that she  struggled to make. Things that had never been mentioned to me before from ANY speech therapist such as the sound being produced was mainly done at the back of the throat and it should really be more forward. Andrea was able to SHOW Kiki how to get the sound forward and how the tongue and mouth should be positioned to produce the sounds that she couldn't hear. I remember Kiki calling out to me one day if  I could get her some socks and the clarity was unbelieveable. It felt like such an acheivement and every day I feel her speech is improving. I think what has been a big help as well for Kiki is that she no longer feels learning to speak properly is a chore. Singing is FUN (as is Andrea) and Kiki really looks forward to her sessions. Andrea has been a huge inspiration to both of us and as she has so far been my best kept secret I thought I would share her with the families of the SDCS in case you found yourself in a similar predicament to ourselves. Andreas extensive CV not only boasts of her own operatic roles and her 10 years experience in teaching singing but also her roles as vocal coach on ITVs "Popstar to Opera Star" and "Born to Shine".

If Andrea is good enough for Jason Manford who went on to win then Andrea is good enough for us :-)



For a 1-1 session with Andrea call

07856 734215

 Andrea teaches Juniors Upwards.



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